The man who pointed an AR-15 at peaceful protesters is named Mark McCloskey.

The couple, attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey, apparently felt threatened by the protesters and stepped outside brandishing firearms — Mark with a semi-automatic weapon and Patricia with a handgun. Seems it was a split-second decision because they didn’t even put on shoes. Source:TMZ

The asshat with a machine gun is Mark McCloskey (and his lovely wife, Patricia). They’re lawyers in St Louis. Feel free to drop by for cocktails anytime.


A couple pointed guns at protesters who were on their way to the residence of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson on Sunday. A Grassroots group organized the protest after Krewson read out the names and addresses of people who wanted to defund the police, reported local media

Bloomberg QuickTake

Yes first amendment allows you to protest in PUBLIC PROPERTY or in your own property not on someone elses, also there is a Castle Doctorin law in St. Louis saging you can use deadly force on people that trespass on your property do your research stop thinking with your emotions.

US PUBLIC UNREST: I wonder: If something bad occurs during demonstrations/protests who is to blame? -The police. -The community. -The mayor. -The governor. -The president OR -The demonstrators/ protesters? Sorry I am lost. Thanks. St. Louis

Meletis Hadzis

No they weren’t moron. That was a gated community where the mayor of St. Louis lives. they entered the neighborhood and were walking past his house NOT ON HIS PROPERTY to get to the mayors house to protest in front of it and demand resignation bc…


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